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NKPHTS 2010 Calendar

Front Cover
Front Cover: They never received the acclaim or adulation of the Berkshires or Bluebirds, but switchers performed valuable service nonetheless. On a cold March day in 1960, Fairbanks-Morse H12-44 140 readies hoppers at Huron for another trip behind more celebrated road power. PHOTO: Glen Ayers, Steve LaConte Collection
Back Cover
Back Cover: The Wheeling & Lake Erie knew a good thing when it modified the New Haven's NE-6 design for its own all-steel caboose program. Photographer Ayers, an NKP brakeman, captured the 703, originally W&LE 0203, when it was assigned to him on a July 1961 trip at Norwalk. PHOTO: Glen Ayers, Steve LaConte Collection
January: Westbound at Bellevue pulled by three RS11s.
February: S4 57 performs duties at Northern Ohio Food Terminal.
March: S-2 750's engineer picks up orders at East Wayne.
April: W&LE K-1 6415 at Canton while hauling freight for the war effort.
May: H-6e 652 heads a local north through Plymouth.
June: W&LE I-3 8004 readies for another trip to the coal fields.
July: Bluebird 189 pulls train 6 into Conneaut.
August: S-1 720 at the coal pocket in Bellevue.
September: Brooks I-class ten-wheeler #97 at water plug in Fostoria.
October: GP9s at Buffalo prepare to head west with NC-5.
November: S-3 776 closes in on GC tower in Vermilion.
December: S-1 727 at Colby on the way to Bellevue.

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