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NKPHTS 2007 Calendar

Front Cover
Front Cover: The Wheeling's Berkshires were never quite as well-known as the 700s, working most of their days in obscurity in the Ohio coal fields. Six gained a greater degree of fame when they were reassigned to the Nickel Plate District in 1957; example 802 strikes a truly regal pose at East 55th Street during her swan song. PHOTO: James M. Semon Collection
Back Cover
Back Cover: Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum volunteer Bob Barcus rides the rear platform of restored NKP 471 on a test run at the museum on September 3, 2005. Mentally substitute a Nickel Plate switcher for the GE 70-tonner and this could be a scene from the 471's youth -- even the signal is an NKP veteran, formerly at Hibbard. PHOTO: Tom Travis
January: Portrait of Conneaut shopmen.
February: S-1 739 across the diamond at New Haven.
March: B-11b 63 outside Lima roundhouse.
April: S-2 758 leads a westbound past depot at South Gary.
May: 486 tends to local chores at Fremont.
June: PA1 188 brings train 9 into Rocky River.
July: S-1 715 along side Alco S2 33 in Buffalo.
August: H-5b 964 switching an 80-series coach in Cleveland.
September: S-2 742 pulling a westbound through Vermilion.
October: Oakwood, Ohio depot awaiting passenger, circa 1910.
November: Wheeling K-1 6411 pulls freight through Canton.
December: Four mismatched diesels pull a westbound out of Bellevue.

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