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NKPHTS Magazine Back Issues - Continued

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Fall 2009 Buffalo: A Gateway City, Part 1; NKP 759 MG094 $9.95
Winter 2010 Buffalo: A Gateway City, Part 2; Hudson 175, Buffalo-Cleveland Excursion MG101 $9.95
Spring 2010 Buffalo: A Gateway City, Part 3; Tales From the Cab: John Tomhafe; Collecting the Plate in Tinplate MG102 $9.95
Summer 2010 Delphos Oh, Part 1, Kentucky Derby Specials MG103 $9.95
Fall 2010 Delphos Oh, Part 2, Cloverleaf Standard Depots MG104 $9.95
Winter 2011 A Bellevue Homecoming; More Tales From the Cab - John Tomhafe, Engineer; The Other "Last Fantrip" on the Nickel Plate Road MG111 $9.95
Spring 2011 Remembering the Bluebirds; The Reincarnation of NKP 190; Tragedy at New Haven MG112 $9.95
Summer 2011 Nickel Plate Road 1000-Series Cabooses; A Northern on the Nickel Plate; Nickel Plate Photos MG113 $9.95
Fall 2011 The Nickel Plate in Chicago; Calumet Yard and the Legacy of Stony Island; A Brief History of Operating Rules MG114 $9.95
Winter 2012 The Nickel Plate in Chicago, Part 2: The Legacy of Stony Island and Other NKP Operations in the Windy City MG121 $9.95
Spring 2012 Edwardsville, Illinois, and Clay Traffic Along the Clover Leaf; The History of the Nickel Plate Depot at Edwardsville, Illinois MG122 $9.95
Summer 2012 How NS 8100 Closed a Generation Gap; The Nickel Plate in Central Illinois; Nickel Plate's Road to Peoria MG123 $9.95
Fall 2012 McCarthy Family Business - The Story of NKP's First Passenger Engineer; No. 763 Moves from the Past Into the Future MG124 $9.95
Winter 2013 The Heart of the Iron Cross; NKPHTS 2012 Convention MG131 $9.95
Spring 2013 The Canton Car Company, Helpers and Pullers on the Wheeling District, The Carrollton Branch on the Wheeling District MG132 $9.95
Summer 2013 The Delray Connection, The Nickel Plate Book of Operation Rules, Nickel Plate Rider Cars, Nickel Plate Photos: A Tribute to Philip T. Horning MG133 $9.95
Fall 2013 More on Nickel Plate Rider Cars, End of Track, Rider Caboose on the W&LE, NKP Rider Car Disposition MG134 $9.95
Winter 2014 Wood Boxcars of the Nickel Plate, Photographers of the NKP: Donald J. Krofta, Nickel Plate Photos MG141 $9.95
Spring 2014 Nickel Plate Block Systems; Kokomo, Ind.; Second Hand Rose MG142 $9.95
Summer 2014 Locomotive Servicing Facilities on the Nickel Plate Road MG143 $9.95
Fall 2014 The Making of a Merger MG144 $9.95
Winter 2015 The Nickel Plate Road Book of Operating Rules Part 4: Interlocking Rules; Run Aground in a Heavy Fog; Nickel Plate Photos: A Tribute to Sandy Goodrick Jr. MG151 $9.95
Spring 2015 A Tribute to Howard Ameling; Hammond's Osborn Yard; Where Berkshires Went to Die MG152 $9.95
Summer 2015

Tourist Excursions on the Nickel Plate & Hidden Treasures from Buffalo

MG153 $9.95
Fall 2015 Nickel Plate in the Erie Triangle MG154 $9.95


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