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Nickel Plate Road "Service News"

Between January 1914 and ending shortly after (and because of) the Depression in September of 1931, the Nickel Plate Road published a precursor to their later employee magazine, the"Nickel Plate Road Magazine", called the "Nickel Plate Road Service News". First published in January 1914, 6,000 copies printed beginning in 1917 when they were sent to various museums, and Libraries. In 1923 with the NKP's first merger, circulation was around 15,000. This page will display issues from 1923 through 1931. Each year will have a variety of monthly issues, some with each month of the year and others with less. Please check back for updates to this page, as more issues will be posted in the future.

Thanks to the Allen County Museum in Lima, OH for allowing us to scan their copies of the "Service News".


  • 1923 - June through December
  • 1924 - 10 Months (No June or August)
  • 1925 - February through December
  • 1926 - Full year
  • 1927 - Full year
  • 1928 - Full year
  • 1929 - Full year
  • 1930 - 6 Months
  • 1931 - 3 Months

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