Former NKP Depot, Watchman's Tower, & Ticket Window Kokomo, IN
Pictures Submitted by Chris McGuire

Submitted are some pictures of the old NKP depot in Kokomo IN, the old watchman's tower, and of the ticket window still in place there. Chris' dad, Robert C. (Bob) McGuire, switched out of the building 40+ years ago, and now Chris manages the Central Railroad of Indianapolis (CERA), a RailAmerica property, from the very same site. The line from Kokomo to Marion is used most every day, as is the line thru Kokomo north and south that used to run from Indy north to Michigan City. The CERA doesn't leave Kokomo on this north south line, now refered to as the Tipton Industrial Track, but still services long time customers such as Chrysler and Kokomo Sanitary Pottery (Gerber Plumbing).

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