JN Tower from Art Lemke

Fellow Nickel Platers

Attached is my first (and last photo) of JN tower. The tower, in the vicinity of 71st Street (Chicago), would govern NKP traffic at the junction with the NYC Main, just north of Grand Crossing. Until 1964, NKP passenger trains reached La Salle Street station through a trackage rights agreements with the NYC north of 71st Street. Tracks were also shared with the CRI&P north of Englewood (63rd).

Train 5 & 6 continued to operate after the N&W merger until September of 1965. I rode the vestibule through Grand Crossing one chilly night about a week before the last run.

I still feel the chill in the air when I look at the photo. Maybe because it shows a tower that had seen better days. Yet, even this photo is no longer possible today as the tower has been demolished in the last ten years. This was a grab shot taken from an Amtrak train on Memorial Day, 1994.

(Posted 5-24-04; Art Lemke)

JN Tower

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