"Quickstep" Contributed by Jeff Clawson

I took these photos on March 23, 2010 at French Lick, Indiana at the Indiana Railway Museum (not to be confused with the Indiana Transportation Museum at Noblesville).

This car was built by Pullman and delivered to the Clover Leaf in June 1916 as No. 400. The car became Nickel Plate 22 after the Clover Leaf merger, eventually being renumbered again to NKP 3. Nickel Plate 3 was still on the roster at the time of the N&W merger. According to "Former Nickel Plate Road Passenger Cars" at nwhs.org, NKP 3 was sold on 8-11-65 to a private owner as Quickstep. The Quickstep was used on excursions through the late sixties into the early seventies.

Quickstep was at Louisville on May 6, 1967 for the Kentucky Derby ("Those Delightful Derby Days", Classic Trains Summer 2014, photo on page 55. It's the car with the 080 on the letter board). Quickstep was used on at least one Greenbrier Railroad excursion in West Virginia (NKPHTS Magazine Winter 1971 page 3).

By the mid-seventies the car had been acquired by the Indiana Railway Museum at Greensburg, IN. The museum moved to its present location at French Lick, IN in the late seventies.

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