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Welcome to our Shared Pictures page (pictures below). We invite you to send us your Nickel Plate pictures to be posted on our website. You may send one picture or many. A link to your picture/s will be displayed on this page. To submit a picture please do the following:

Send your picture via email attachment to:

Please include with your picture/s a description and/or information about the picture. Content may be anything you like - locomotives, freight cars, cabooses, passenger cars, RR scenes, scans of a great piece of NKP memorabilia, pictures of a great NKP model train layout - anything as long as it is NKP related.

We reserve the right to resize the picture and optimize the file size for display on the web so as to be user friendly to all size monitors and speed up loading time.

All copyrights are reserved by the owner, and the use of the pictures, either personal or commercial, is prohibited unless with the full, written consent of the owner. Please do not submit photos of which you are not the owner, and more specifically, any photos from other publications or web sites where you are not the owner of the copyright unless you also submit, by hard copy to this society, full and written permission for us to display the photos. Thank you for your compliance and understanding.

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Pictures to View

Bob Albert; Ohio City, Ohio Jeff Sharp; Malinta, OH
Jeff Sharp; Waterville, OH Jeff Sharp; Various
Jeff Sharp; Grand Rapids, OH Angelus Lynch Collection
Jeff Sharp; Caboose 141 Ray Brewer Collection
Jeff Sharp; 2-8-4 765 Ray Brewer Collection (2)
William Frame; 4-6-0 #276 Angelus Lynch - Photographic Impressions of Lima Locomotive Works
Dave Hyman; 2-8-4 #765 Bob Albert - NKP Depot at Hibbard, IN
Albert Anthony Jim Shilling - NKP Depot at Knox, IN
Art Lemke: JN Tower Bill Godby - NS #55, Ex-NKP #355
Stan Lang: NKP L-1a #170 Bill Harper - 1-1/2" Scale Nickel Plate Updated December 9 - New Photos
Rebecca Hon Westerfield - Athol C. Hon Howard W. Ameling Collection
Ben Planck - New Douglas, IL Wreck Bob Kinne - GP9 #514
Art Lemke - Former Train 5 - Chicago, IL Sept. 1965 Chip Walker - NKP 2-8-4 #755
Howard W. Ameling D&TSL Collection Jeff Sharp - NKP 5 & 1091
Les McConnell - Railfan Day at ITM Les McConnell - NKP 426 & Business 1 at ITM
Les McConnell - 1998 Convention and Others Mike Keyes - Alco PA 190 Restoration
James Krasnansky - 765 at the Three Rivers Festival 1980 George Stringer - NKP #587
George Stringer - NKP #587 Group 2 Chris McGuire - Present Day Kokomo, IN
Brad Pedigo - Redkey, IN Andrew Ottinger - NKP #514
Sue Smith - NKP #426 & Frankfort, IN Roundhouse Jim Hassell - City of Chicago
Dave Kerr - NKP #757 George Berghoff - 2005 NKP #765 Photos
Bill Fisher - Misc. Photos Ben Planck - NKP Berk Photos
William Urbanczyk - NKP 15797; Hammond, IN Freight House and Station Jon Wilkins - North Findlay Tower and Others

Stefan Casanova - 1.5" Scale NKP Berkshire #757 Jeremy Schultz - Indiana Transporation Museum

Martin Moorefield NKP S-2 763, GP9 532, and S-2 765
Martin Moorefield - NKP S-2 757, S-2 759, GP9 514, NKP 141 & 451

Michael Mathie - NKP 765 fan trip to Pittsburgh
L. Bangert - NKP Berkshires

Steve LaConte - Bellevue, Huron, Norwalk
Ron Sarbach - Painesville, OH Station

Kenneth Ward - Payne, OH Depot & NKP 411 Bill Fisher - Misc. Photos; Industries served by the NKP.

Jacob Hortenstine - Final Run of NKP Train #12; Panama, IL Depot
Joe Primrose - Edwardsville NKP Station

William Phillips - W&LE Memorabilia
John Marx - Richards Brick Company Clay Loading Facility

William Fisher - Frankfort Roundhouse & Clover Leaf
Robert McCown - Rear-end Light

Jeff Clawson - NKP #3 - "Quickstep"

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