NKP 765, 2-8-4 Berkshire, Class S-2, Built 1944

Those Nickel Plate engines that found homes in parks and museums were just bound to come back to life. The 759, purchased by F. Nelson Blount for Steamtown in 1962, had received a Class III overhaul in 1958, the last one completed at Conneaut, and had never steamed again. Steamtown leased the S-2 to the High Iron Company, which rebuilt her in 1968 and operated the Berkshire in excursion service through the mid-70's. A more involved rebuild was required for the 765, rescued by the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society from the local park that had been her home since 1963. Here, the Queen of the West End returns home from the 1988 NRHS convention in northern New Jersey, rolling through Endwell, New York on former Erie Lackawanna iron. And, in this context, how could we forget the remarkable work done by so many in Indianapolis to bring the historic 587 back to life after years of exposure and neglect? These engines have truly kept the spirit of Nickel Plate steam alive. NKPHTS Magazine Summer 1998. Photo by J.J. Young.

NKP 765