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Although we no longer have a picture contest, we thought you might like to see the winning entries from the contest. Pictures and descriptions will be displayed below.

(Pictures may take a while to load.)

February 2001 Contest Winning Entry by Tracy Lisk

Tracy shares with us a picture from her grandfather's collection. Standing in front of the 2-8-4 Berkshire #704 are (left to right) Austin Rupert, fireman, C.F. Miller, engineer, and J.W. Detrick, head brakeman.

February 2001 Winner

May 2000 Contest Winning Entry by Frank C. Barton.

Engineer of Nickel Plate #587 checks running gear on former NKP (now NS) line from Ft. Wayne to Muncie, IN. at Shideler Grain.

May 2000 Winner

March 2000 Winning Entry by Neil Carlson.

The one that started it all, NKP 700, cools her heels on the roundhouse lead at Buffalo near the end of her career in March 1957. A "bluebird" can be made out to the left of her pilot beam. The bridge behind the tender is South Park Ave.

March 2000 Winner

February 2000 Winning Entry by Terry Harrison.

Terry shot a picture of the Waterville, Oh. depot which was located on the Clover Leaf 1st sub-division. We are looking NE down the main as it heads to Maumee and then on to Toledo. The picture was taken in September of 1999.

February 2000 Winner

January 2000 Winning Entry by Howard Ameling

Howard's January entry is the NKP #765 2-8-4 & PM #1225 2-8-4 racing together doing 55 mph at Hurricane, W.Va. The scene was part of the NRHS Convention in August of 1991.

January 2000 Winner

December 1999 Winning Entry by Terry Harrison.

A hillside in Scranton, PA is the backdrop for Terry's picture of the 759 seen at the NKPHTS Steamtown Convention this past October.

December 1999 Winner

November 1999 Winning Entry by Howard Ameling

Howard caught the NKP #587 on a fan trip between Detroit & Bellevue on June 26, 1993. It ran both Saturday & Sunday. This shot is at Ohio Route 19, Green Creek east end heading towards Bellevue.

November 1999 Winner

August 1999 Winning Entry Submitted by Howard Ameling

Howard Ameling caught the caboose of a train pulled by Engine #753 passing engine #762 in the hole just as he arrived at Miller City in 1958.

August 1999 Winner

July 1999 Winning Entry Submitted by Bob Albert

It's Spring of 1964 at the Argos, IN yard. The blurred e.b. RS36 tells of High Speed Service. You just know the trainman is smiling as he waves to the extra-east, if only because he's a "Nickel Plater".

July 1999 Winner

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