Past Picture Contest Entries

Photo by Pete Pedigo. I commissioned a fellow in Oregon to custom build this set of "bluebirds", then I painted them. The Photos were taken by John Herman of Indianapolis. We are both members of the Indiana Live Steamers. The pictures were taken at our new track site in the Johnson County Park, near Franklin, Indiana. They are 1/8th scale. They measure about 18' long. The coupler is missing from the unit because another locomotive which was pulling passengers this day broke its couple, so NKP to the rescue. The units are powered by a 2 cylinder, 18 hp. Vanguard engine, which powers a hydraulic pump. Then each truck on both units has a hydraulic motor mounted in the truck. All axles are powered, even the center of the A1A's. These two locomotives are capable of pulling at least 50 cars on a 1.5 % grade.