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Latest News

NKP Mikado #587 Moving to Kentucky

Trains Magazine just announced that "The Kentucky Steam Heritage Corp., a Kentucky-based nonprofit rail preservation institution, announced Sunday that an agreement has been reached with the Indiana Transportation Museum to aid in an emergency move of pieces of their historic rail collection."

To read the whole article, visit http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2018/07/01-indiana-mikado-finds-refuge-in-kentucky.

Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum to Bring Back NKP Berkshire 757

The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum (MR&NKP) is pleased to announce the creation of an agreement with the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (RRMPA) that would allow Nickel Plate Road Steam Locomotive #757 to return to Bellevue, Ohio. Plans are now underway to relocate the locomotive from Strasburg, PA, to the museum site in Bellevue for static display. For more information, please visit www.bringback757.org.

Nickel Plate Express

Would you like to experience Indiana's rural countryside while sipping wine or beer, dining on pizza, or with jolly old St. Nick? The Nickel Plate Express hopes to offer train excursions to and from Atlanta to Arcadia, Indiana, beginning in mid-2018. Visitors would be able to enjoy our themed excursions, plus a visit to the historic Arcadia Depot and downtown Atlanta, transformed for each magical season! Pending approval by the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority. For more information, please visit https://www.nickelplateexpress.net/

Event Calendar

NKPHTS Event Calendar We have an Event Calendar on which you may post any railroad related events such as train shows and swap meets, museum events, throttle time, excursions, etc. Please click here to post your event or read what others have posted.

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Preservation Information and Nickel Plate Equipment Rosters

Genealogy/Former Railroad Employee Information and Sources

We have received numerous requests as to where to find information on former Nickel Plate employees. Unfortunately, when the Norfolk & Western Railway took over the Nickel Plate Road in October of 1964, they moved all records to Roanoke, VA, or destroyed them on site to help bury the Nickel Plate name. Many records, if not most, including those of former employees, were destroyed. Some of our historical society members personally saved a few records that were scheduled to be destroyed just before they were loaded into a garbage truck or incinerator, but rarely have individual employee records turned up.

However, the Railroad Retirement Board is a Federal agency and the pensions paid by employees are literally "Federal" pensions. No railroad, especially the Norfolk and Western, could simply dispose of personnel records that would have anything to do with railroad retirement benefits. All during the course of an employee's career, they paid a portion of their pay to the RRB and it was administered by the employing railroad.

The Railroad Retirement Board provides a genealogical search service and links to other sources that may turn up information on previous employees of any railroad. Their specific web page that deals with this type of search is at:

You may also contact the RRB by phone at one of their field offices or by email. Contact information links can be found on their home page at http://www.rrb.gov/.

In addition, George G. Morgan has written some excellent articles about Social Security and Railroad Retirement and Railroad Genealogical information. His articles can be found at Ancestry.com through the following links. Please click on:

Many thanks to Jon Marx for making the NKPHTS aware of Mr. Morgan's articles.

Government Railroad Research Sites

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Railroad Safety Information

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