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Modeler's Notebook Submission Guidelines

If you are working on a project and would like to have it included in our modeling publication, please send your material to Ray Breyer at

With that in mind we would like to offer some guidelines for the submission of articles.

  1. When submitting images of your work, we would ask that they be no less than 800 pixels wide for landscape and 800 pixels high for portrait view. Please number your image files consecutively. We prefer that you do not use your camera's file system, but use simple numbers for the file names, e.g. "1.jpg", " 2.jpg ", " 3.jpg ", etc.

  2. For the actual text copy, we would prefer a Microsoft Word document if possible, plain text if not, or use whatever word processor you have access to as long as it can be opened. Please do not submit a PDF version because text extracted from a PDF is never formatted correctly.

  3. We would also ask that you submit images separately instead of imbedding them in the article. Otherwise, we have to extract the images to use them, which takes a great deal of time. If you would prefer to include the images in the document to provide guidance as to where they should be placed, that's fine, but we would also like the photos submitted separately as well. If you do not include your images in the document, indicate where each image should go by including the image number in parentheses in the proper place in the document (e.g. image 1, 1.jpg, etc.).

Thanks in advance for adhering to these guidelines. We look forward to receiving your articles!

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