Kel Sherson: O-Scale Layout

Kel Sherson shares his NKP modeling efforts in New Zealand. The O modular layout scenery is fundamentally NZ based as the layout will be used by both NZ prototype modelers (in 9 Mill scale, track = 3'-6") and US prototype O scale.

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Right Angle-WrongFocus.jpg
ThreeGPs -04.jpg

Progress To Date On The O-Scale Modules

(Submitted November 16, 2008)

O-Scale Modules Displayed at Railex '08

(Submitted November 24, 2008)

The rock faces are from Weta Workshops, who did the 'Lord of the Rings' special effects. Richard Taylor (of several Oscars fame) who owns Weta is a G scale railroader. We may have to pay them another visit.

In the photos you'll also see several pieces of 9 Mill (O gauge track = 3'=6") NZ Railways prototype locos and rolling stock. We ran NZR for an hour and a half or so, then alternated with US prototype - have to say mainly NKP; and so on.

Railex 08 Layout Overview.jpg
Railex 08 BCG Auto Cars.jpg
Railex 08 BCG Auto Cars 2.jpg
Railex 08 BCG Boxcars.jpg
Railex 08 BCG Cov Hoppers.jpg
Railex 08 Berkshire and Vaughn Reefer Cars.jpg
Railex 08 Berkshire and Vaughn Reefer Cars 2.jpg
Railex 08 Berkshire and Vaughn Reefer Cars 3.jpg
Railex 08 Boxcars.jpg
Railex 08 Consolidation and local freight.jpg
Railex 08 Freight and Passenger.jpg
Railex 08 Freight Yard.jpg
Railex 08 GP35 and GP9.JPG
Railex 08 GP9s.jpg
Railex 08 GP9s 2.jpg
Railex 08 GP9s over bridge.jpg
Railex 08 Hudson.jpg
sherson3/Railex 08 Local Freight.jpg
Railex 08 Loco Depot.jpg
Railex 08 Once it was a tunnel.jpg
Railex 08 Passing Freights with Vaughn Flatcar.jpg
sherson3/Railex 08 Vaughn and Canter Boxcars.jpg

Kel Sherson

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