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The Nickel Plate Road Modeler's Notebook is a state of the art venue that presents topical material to the Society's modelers in all modeling scales, areas of interest, and levels of ability, and to explore the world of Nickel Plate Road models and modeling with photos, how-to-articles, reviews, and news of new NKP products - anything that will make the Society's NKP modeling experience more knowledgeable and enjoyable.

Since the Society's membership covers a diverse cross-section of modeling interest and skills, you do not have to be a master model builder to provide photos and/or modeling material of interest to our members. The MODELER'S NOTEBOOK is open to all NKPHTS members who wish to submit articles and photos of projects that satisfy all modeling levels. Whether you model, operate or collect; whether you enjoy O, HO, S, or N, the MODELER'S NOTEBOOK will give you an excellent opportunity to share your interest in models of the Nickel Plate Road with others.

The Nickel Plate Road Modeler's Notebook has been designed to be for NKP modelers - by NKP modelers and is one of the benefits of being a member of the NKPHTS. The images below represent the cover and page two table of contents of the first three issues of the publication to give you an example of what our members have been contributing to and receiving since November of 2010.

Please Note - As of May 10, 2016 the NKPHTS Modeler's Notebook is now available to both members and non-members for free! To download complete issues, please visit http://nkphts.org/modelersnotebook/.

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May 2016
May 2016 MN

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January 2016
January 2016

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September 2015
September 2015 MN

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