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Updated August 26, 2007

Note: This list for reference only - most items are out of production.

Manufacturer Current part # Old Part # Application Description Notes
Champ HN-136
Road Name Rectangle Herald White freight lettering D&TS 3000 series Add data set HD-2 for 40' SD Steel boxcar
Herald King (Miller Adv) C-1260
Freight-Caboose Wide Vision Caboose D&TS 130 Red w/white letters
Herald King (Miller Adv) H-1261
Freight-Covered Hopper ACF Center Flow 2 Bay Grey body with Black Lettering D&TS 2600
Herald King (Miller Adv) H-1262
Freight-Covered Hopper 70ton 2 Bay Covered Hopper BCR body with White Lettering D&TS 2096
Herald King (Miller Adv) L-1260
Diesel-Hood Unit NKP style Black w/Yellow letters & red Herald DTS 47
Herald King (Miller Adv) L-1261
Diesel-Switchers NKP style Black w/Yellow letters & red Herald DTS 117
Joseph Bottone DTS76C
Freight-Caboose D&TS 76 Bicentennial Caboose Joseph Bottone []
Joseph Bottone DTS76D
Diesel-GP7 D&TS 76 Bicentennial GP7 Joseph Bottone []
Walthers 934-132001 132-W Freight-Combo Steam Era White
Walthers 934-132100 132-10 Freight-Boxcar XAP 50' 50ton 3200-3220 Auto Boxcar Brown body w/White lettering
Walthers 934-132110 132-11 Freight-Boxcar XM 50' 70ton 5200 LtBlue body Red Wafer "Expressway for Industry"
Walthers 934-132200 132-20 Freight-Boxcar X 40' 50ton 3000-15 Yellow body Red Wafer & Lettering "Expressway for Industry"

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