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Winter 2017 Vol. LI, No. 1

Editor: Mike Schafer
Publisher: Arthur J. Lemke

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Railroad in the Air--Part 2

Detroit & Toledo Shore Line's Lang Yard, Toledo, Ohio

Nickel Plate Photos: Remembering Bellevue, Ohio

The 2016 50th Anniversary Convention, Bellevue, Ohio

Car 831


MAIN PHOTO: Nickel Plate's part ownership of the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line is readily evident in not only the shortline's diesel paint schemes, but also in its grounds as well as in the manner of doing business. Here at D&TS's Lang Yard in Toledo, Ohio, nose-to-nose SW9s serve as hump power on a fine early summer afternoon in 1980. MIKE SCHAFER.. FRONT COVER INSET: NKP Mikado 639 poses on the turntable at the Bellevue, Ohio, roundhouse in June T959, all spruced up for her trip to Bloomington, lll., where she will go on display--and where she remains on display as of 2017. WILLIS McCALEB, NKPHTS COLLECTION


Nickel Plate "Mike" No. 624 was recorded doing station switching at Silver Creek, N.Y., on Oct 17, 1953, during the course of handling a westbound local Freight. Two years later, the 2-8-2 was donated to the City of Hammond, Ind., and 64 years later, in 2017, the locomotive entered yet another incarnation. JAMES A. VAN BROCKLIN

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