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Winter 2005 Volume XXXIX No. 1

Editor: Peter K. Shepherd
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Along the Line

  • Ex-NKP GP30 #907 in use at Cycle Systems.
  • Ex-NKP Alco S4 #69 scrapped.
  • New W&LE use of yard office at Gambrinus yard.
  • W&LE to dispose of East Canton depot.
  • W&LE 3960 passes boiler test; sister 0217 undergoing cosmetics in Brewster.
  • Wandle House restaurant visitors treated to "N&W" Bluebird artwork.
  • Village of Payne installs locks on NKP caboose 411.
  • Restoration on NKP S-2 765 makes major progress.
  • News of St. Mary's NKP depot.
  • LE&W District signals still in place.
  • Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit enclosure undergoes washing and painting.
  • NS to sell the Toledo Belt bridge to the W&LE
  • Former W&LE Monroeville depot renovated.
  • Portions of the W&LE Huron Branch reopened for walking and bicycling.
Front: Bellevue is a "second home" to Nickel Platers for many reasons. Its status as the operational heart of the road is unchallenged, and it remains a great train-watching spot even today. Bellevue also remembers its railroad heritage, as it is home to the Mad River and Nickel Plate Railroad Museum, 2004's Convention host. A scene such as this can't help but make any Nickel Plater feel right at home.
Photo: Pete Shepherd

Back: Berkshire 765 is nearing the end of its most extensive overhaul since its active service on the Nickel Plate. Completion of this work will see the 1944 Lima looking much as she does here, powering a westbound through a sweeping curve near North East. It's 1951 and a Mars light has yet to be applied to the 765. She'll duplicate this appearance when she takes the rails again.
Photo: Paul Prescott

In Just Three Years

Putting Together a Merger by Peter K. Shepherd

LCL Highlights by Donald Daily

Transfer Point on the Clover Leaf for LCL and Express by Donald Daily

Reflections - East Wayne Engine House and its Workers by Peter P. Olevnik

Together Again at Bellevue

Car 831 - letters to the Editor

NKProducts - product reviews

  • Athearn NKP 2-bay offset-side hopper 6-pack
  • Athearn NKP 2-bay composite hopper 6-pack
  • Accurail NKP 50-foot double-door boxcar

Tack Board- questions from readers

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