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Summer 2016 Vol. L, No. 3

Editor: Mike Schafer
Publisher: Thos. G.J. Gascoigne

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Mail by Rail

RPO Service on the Nickel Plate Road--Part 1




NKP Class K-1b No. 165 is trotting into Hobbs, Ind., with the Peoria-Fostoria local, train 22, on May 6, 1950. It was an era when a vast majority of the mail still moved between towns and cities by rail. SANDY GOODRICH PHOTO, KEVEN EUDALY COLLECTION. FRONT COVER (SECONDARY PHOTO): An early engraving showing the inside of a Toledo, St. Louis & Western RPO Car. NKPHTS COLLECTION


Having left Buffalo earlier in the day, the Westerner calls at McComb, Ohio, to do station work, taking on and/or letting off passengers and exchanging mail and express with the depot agent-operator. The train will be in Chicago the following morning. WILLIS A. McCALEB, JAMES M. SEMON COLLECTION

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