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Summer 2015 Volume XLVIX No. 3

Editor: Mike Schafer
Managing Editor: John T. Slater
Publisher: Thomas G.J. Gascoigne

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Tourist Excursions on the Nickel Plate

Hidden Treasures from Buffalo


NKP No. 285 sits in Buffalo along with several of its sisters in November 1958. They are stored serviceable, which means that they are still on the "active" roster, but it's unlikely that any were steamed up again as diesels had all but replaced steam on the Nickel Plate by 1960. T.C. CHERRY, THOS. GASCOIGNE COLLECTION

In the late 19th Century and into the 20th Century, the NKP promoted various events along with its special excursion fares to travelers using colorful-and now very collectible-brochures, posters, and placards. NIAGARA FALLS PRINT, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS; GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT, NKPHTS GEORGE A. BERGHOFF DIGITAL ARCHIVE


What has to be one of the most striking promotional pieces ever issued by the Nickel Plate is this wall-size calendar for 1901. the year of the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. JAMES M. SEMON COLLECTION

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