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Summer 2005 Volume XXXIX No. 3

Editor: Peter K. Shepherd
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Along the Line

  • "Railpace" magazine reports on ex-NKP SD9's.
  • Buckingham Branch Railroad leases ex-NKP GP9 498.
  • Euclid & South Euclid acquires right-of-way of former Euclid Railroad for bike and hike trails.
  • Kitchi Gammi club spotted in New Jersey.
  • Grants awarded to upgrade former NKP track on ex-NKP branches.
  • Craig Pressler acquires turntable from Frankfort roundhouse. Roundhouse deteriorating.
  • Some Ironville locomotive facilities still remain.
  • Work continues on NKP 765 - may run by mid to late summer.

Behind the Scenes, Under the Skin by Peter K. Shepherd

Second Trick Hostler at Frankfort by Don Daily

Third Trick Hostler at Frankfort by Don Daily

... By Any Other Name by Peter K. Shepherd

Forensic Investigating, Railroad Style

NKProducts - product reviews

  • Athearn's new HO NKP 70-ton and 100-ton 50' combination-door boxcar, two models of NKP 50' plug-door insulated cars.
Tack Board- questions from readers

Car 831 - letters to the Editor

Front: The Frankfort coal dock is all that remains today of the engine service facility at this once-vital division point. Between the days of steam and today, the venerable structure has looked down on some unlikely sights, such as this September 2002 visit by an ex-Conrail SD40-2. Through it all, the coal dock has proudly worn its "Nickel Plate Road" lettering.
Photo: Pete Shepherd

Back: With the dieselization of the Lake Erie & Western and Clover Leaf Districts, Frankfort mechanical forces gained early experience with the products of La Grange and Schenectady. In a scene evocative of Don Daily's third-trick account, four new GP7s have arrived for adjustments and set-up. The Geeps are gone today, the roundhouse faces demolition and the turntable will soon have a new home.
Photo: John Rehor, Howard W. Ameling Collection

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