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Summer 2004 Volume XXXVIII No. 3

Editor: Peter K. Shepherd
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Along the Line

  • Former Nickel Plate RS11 569 scrapped.
  • Further news from John B. Corns on the W&LE 0-6-0 3960.
  • Portion of LE&W a new hiking trail.
  • NKP flat car 2646 displayed on Koskosing Gap trail.
  • John B. Corns discovers a Wheeling caboose in Brewster.

A Truly Massive Fleet by Peter K. Shepherd

The NKP Moves the Merchandise by Charles W. Bohi, Don Daily, and Art Lemke

NKProducts - product reviews

  • Branchline trains heavyweight passenger coaches.

Car 831 - letters to the Editor

Tack Board- questions from readers

Front: During the 1930's, the Wheeling began a comprehensive program to replace its aging all-steel hopper fleet with new equipment. Thirty-four hundred two-bay offset-side hoppers were delivered between 1936 and 1947. Near the end of a vital yet unremarked career which has seen two changes of ownership, NKP 64149 awaits yet another load.
Photo: FJC Products

Back: Passenger service was not forgotten in President John Bernet's 1934 equipment purchases. As the streamlined era dawned, heavyweight coaches were delivered by Pullman to the Nickel Plate; 63 poses in the summer of 1934 for a birthday portrait. In this issue, Jon Marx gives us a detailed look at a Branchline kit that recreates these cars.
Photo: Pullman

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