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Summer 2002 Volume XXXVI No. 3

Editor: Peter K. Shepherd
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Along the Line

  • Ex-NKP SD9's observed.
  • Malinta Community Historical Society projects.
  • Surviving Nickel Plate structures in Madison and Saybrook.
  • Observations in South Lima.
  • Two W&LE GP35's receive new identity.

Nickel Plate Nocturne, Pt. 1 - The Cinerama Special by John B. Corns

The Finest Hour by Peter K. Shepherd

I Almost Got Killed on the 169 as told to Leo Minor by Robert L. Smith

NKProducts - product reviews

  • Life-Like's PROTO 2000 NKP GP7's
  • The NKPHTS NKP Track Diagram Books - W&LE District.

Car 831 - letters to the Editor

Tack Board- questions from readers

Front: The 1930's were years of financial trial and belt-tightening for the Nickel Plate. As the NKP entered the 1940's, it faced the demands of war, but greatly increased income from wartime traffic allowed it to improve its physical plant and debt situation. The brighter financial picture revealed itself in more dynamic annual reports. The stellar year of 1948 featured the new Bluebirds and a "High Speed Service" caboose on the cover.
Artwork: NKPHTS Collection

Back: The War Production Board kept close control over railroad orders for new equipment and supplies. The Nickel Plate was more fortunate than many roads, being allowed to purchase 55 Berkshires between 1942 and 1944. A big help in moving war freight, they helped underwrite NKP's postwar performance as well. S-2 757 is ready for shipment from Lima in August 1944.
Photo: Lima Locomotive Works

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