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Spring 2007 Volume XLI No. 2

Editor: Peter K. Shepherd
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Along the Line

  • Progress on NKP caboose 141 at the FWRHS.
  • Depot at Osnaburg (East Canton) in danger - Carrollton branch in danger of shutting down.
  • Ex-WLE wooden parlor car 016 may be for sale.
  • St. Marys depot demolished.
  • Progress on the "City of Lima" by the ELDCPS.
  • Commuter rail proposed on former NKP line between Cleveland and Lorain.
  • ITM receives $200,000 grant.
  • OCRR agrees to buy NKP Berkshire 763 from VTM.

Special Duty, Special Diesels by Peter K. Shepherd

Yesterdays -- The Bridge at Twenty Mile Creek by John T. Slater

Railroad Depots and the Old Days by Lois Costomiris

Lake Erie and Western's Milepost 0 by Nate Fries

Front: Fresh out of the shop, SD9 348 basks in the sun at Norwalk. The 348 put in an entirely respectable 28-year career before her 1985 retirement; eight sister units would go on to serve Norfolk Southern for over two more decades. Sadly, their story, and that of NKP diesels, seems to be over on NS.
Photo: Howard W. Ameling

Back: Another even longer story has also come to an end. The classic depot at St. Marys finally succumbed to the wreckers in January 2007, after an attempt to save the circa-1880 structure stalled for lack of money. It's seen here in March 1968, not too far removed from its final Nickel Plate appearance.
Photo: Charles Bohi Collection

NKProducts - product reviews

  • Walthers Proto 2000 Greenville 52'6" drop-end gondola.
  • Athearn covered gondola.
  • Athearn Roundhouse 36-foot wooden boxcar.

Tack Board- questions from readers

Car 831 - letters to the Editor

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