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Fall 2000 Volume XXXIV No. 4

Editor: Peter K. Shepherd
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Along the Line

  • Society Archivist Audre Balogh Honored for BLE Service.
  • Clover Leaf between Madison and Sorento, IL Removed.
  • Former NKP RS36 #865 Operated by the Ontario Central.
  • W&LE Freight Transfer Facility in Navarre, OH Sees New Life.
  • Fruehauf 40-ft Dry Van, NKP T-441 in Kansas City, KS.

The Darkest Decade (the 30's) by Peter K. Shepherd

Marion Yard by Don Daily

Flues Made New

Wheeling's Thirty Pioneers by Peter K. Shepherd

NKProducts - product reviews

  • "DL&W in the 19th Century", by Thomas Townsend Taber and Thomas Townsend Taber III

Car 831 - letters to the Editor

Tack Board- questions from readers

Front: It took the skills of the men at Conneaut (and Frankfort and Brewster) to keep the 700s in top form. A recipient of their care is S-2 749, seen being steamed up on March, 1958 after a trip back to the backshop. The 749 was more than just another job; she's the last 700 to be shopped and returned to service.
Photo: Howard Ameling Collection

Back: A dozen 70-ton covered hoppers joined the Wheeling & Lake Erie roster in August 1937. It looks like someone did a less-than-perfect job of wiping chalk marks off the 7005 for this portrait at Gambrinus. The Wheeling will eventually acquire more covered hoppers, but they'll come without 7005's ampersand and periods.
Photo: W&LE, courtesy of John B. Corns

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