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NKPHTS Yahoo!, Inc. Forums Usage Policy

The NKPHTS-members group is a fully moderated group with each message subject to the approval of a moderator. The NKPHTS invites all members of the society to participate in the group for discussion of the following.

Anything pertaining to the Nickel Plate Road and its predecessors, lessees, and affiliates. including road operations, motive power, rolling stock, rights of way, and current news where the Nickel Plate is mentioned. The group is open to comments, questions, and discussion relating to history, modeling, project research, collecting, NKPHTS publications, society policies, sanctioned events; and any other topics relating to the venue's objectives that might be of interest to NKPHTS members.

Other roads may be discussed insofar as they are related to the operation of the Nickel Plate, such as interchanged roads, or partners in operation (e.g. the Lackawanna, D&TSL)

News of preservation efforts on the behalf of the Nickel Plate Road, including other museums and societies and their activities.

As a chartered non-profit corporation, holding 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, the NKPHTS is bound to political neutrality and, pursuant to policy, discussions relating to political, social, or personal issues are prohibited from the society's Yahoo forum.

Personal attacks on other members is expressly prohibited and may result in expulsion from the group.

Private discussions between individuals should be done off-group unless the information is of value to the whole group and is part of an ongoing discussion.

Since the group is intended to promote social interaction between members and was not designed to be an anonymous chat room, all posts should be signed, along with the participant's NKPHTS member number.

Items for sale or wanted will not be accepted in this forum. Please send ads to nkphtscd@yahoo.com to be included in the E-List Newsletter Interchange Point.

For information on further usage of the material from the NKPHTS-members group, please refer to the NKPHTS Website Terms of Use here, with reference to the Yahoo!, Inc. NKPHTS-members Online Discussion Forum.

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