2,250 H.P. Diesels

Nickel Plate recently received and placed in high speed freight service 10 new 2,250 horsepower diesel electric road locomotives, the most powerful motive power units ever acquired by our Road.

The GP-30s have sufficient power to enable our Road to use two of the new units on trains that formerly operated with three units of lower horsepower.

The new locomotives are being used on piggy-back trains and other symbol freights that operate on high speed schedules and make close connections with other railroads to assure secondmorning delivery between many metropolitan areas.

The new locomotives cost approximately $207,000 each.

The high cost of providing the finest in motive power can be better understood by comparing the cost of these new units with those of 10 new 10-wheel steam locomotives that our Road acquired in December, 1895. Those steam locomotives, which in their day were regarded as the finest railroad power units obtainable, cost $9,133 each.

Among the "extras" on those steam locomotives and their respective costs were: headlights, $25 each; cast steel driving wheel centers, $65 each; M. C. B. couplers, $30 each; and Westinghouse air brake equipment, $450 per locomotive.

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