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50 per cent owner of the Shore Line.

Hub of the D&TSL is its huge Lang Yard on the north side of Toledo. Here the Shore Line accepts cars from all railroads operating into Toledo and makes up high speed freight trains for scheduled runs of less than two hours for Detroit. There the railroad interchanges with all rail lines entering Detroit.

Lang Yard has 23 tracks; in its northbound classification yard and 16 tracks in the south-bound yards. The yard can handle over 1,800 cars a day.

Operations of the entire railroad are directed from the four-story, modern office building at Lang. The superintendent and superintendent of motive power and equipment have offices there. The Shore Line's locomotive and car repair facilities also are at Lang Yard.

The general manager is headquartered at Detroit; the chief engineer is located at

Monroe, Mich.; and the auditor and his staff are housed in the Nickel Plate's office building on Erie Street in Toledo.

The D&TSL also serves important industries at Monroe and Trenton, Mich.

Two former Nickel Platers play key roles in the Shore Line. E. L. Ray, who started his rail career in the Accounting Department of the Clover Leaf at Toledo, later worked in the NKP general offices at Cleveland, and joined the D&TSL in 1930 as auditor, has been general manager since 1937. R. F. Stiegelmeyer, a former Lake Erie & Western man from Indianapolis and Nickel Plater from Cleveland, joined the Shore Line in 1930 and has been auditor since 1937.

Value of Nickel Plate's interest in the Detroit & Toledo Shore Line is reflected in the through service available to NKP shippers to the Detroit gateway. In addition, the Shore Line has paid dividends each year since 1908.

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