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Some Nickel Plate maps include a broken line between Toledo and Detroit, identified as D&TSL.

The Detroit & Toledo Shore Line is a 59-mile railroad jointly owned by the Nickel Plate and the Grand Trunk Western. It serves as an important gateway for traffic moving via Toledo on the Wheeling & Lake Erie and the Clover Leaf Districts to and from Detroit.

This double-track railroad, which follows the shore of Lake Erie much of the way between the two industrial cities, was planned about 1898 as part of an extensive electric interurban system which would extend from Port Huron, Mich., to Wheeling, W. Va. However, the Shore

Line's promoters were unable to finance the venture, and the line went into receivership before construction was completed.

This was before the advent of the automobile and the industrial might which that industry brought to Detroit. The Toledo, St. Louis & Western Railroad, now the Clover Leaf District, was interested in a gateway to Canadian markets; and the Grand Trunk Western was anxious to get closer to the rich coal fields in the States. Together the two railroads bought the right-of-way of the proposed line in 1902 and built a steam railroad for freight service only. When the Clover Leaf became part of the Nickel Plate System 20 years later, our Road became

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