Road's Largest Car Program

heavy-duty gondola car. Two of these cars were built at Conneaut from flat cars with the stakes on the outside to provide an inside width of 9 feet, 9 inches - nearly a foot wider than a conventional gondola car. The cars are used to transport 55-inch carbon electrodes, the largest ever manufactured.

To further increase its supply of freight equipment, our Road has received this year an additional 150 highway trailers for piggy-back service and five hundred 50-foot box cars, 325 of which are

equipped with special equipment to prevent damage to lading.

The Road's car repair program not only is creating jobs for several hundred carmen but also is providing trainmen, enginemen, trackmen, clerks and other workers with assurance that whenever traffic is available, Nickel Plate will have suitable freight car equipment to move it.

The 70-ton hopper cars, normally in heavy demand for handling coal and other bulk commodities, are "better than now" when they leave the repair line.

Road's Largest Car Program

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