Road's Largest Car Program

of converting retired box cars to flat cars for piggy-back service. Present plans are for 100 cars to be converted this year.

At Frankfort carmen have been upgrading box cars by installing new floors and linings and making other necessary repairs. Class A box cars have wide usage. They are utilized to transport grain, bagged products, canned goods, beverages, paper products, glass, appliances and many other commodities.

Work has begun at Ironville on 15 "double-deck basket cars." Several

years ago our Road pioneered a single-deck car of this type to handle small forgings for automobiles. Through acceptance of these cars, the Nickel Plate won back considerable traffic which previously had moved on trucks. The double-deck cars are being built to permit the shipper to load more units per car.

At Conneaut the Road also is building 25 all-steel cabooses. These are equipped with electric lights and oil heating stoves.

Several months ago the Nickel Plate devised another new type of car - a

Road's Largest Car Program Road's Largest Car Program

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