Road's Largest Car Program

Road's Largest Car Program

freight cars available for loading. This is particularly true today when shippers are demanding high-grade cars that minimize loss or damage to freight, and cars of sufficient size for heavy loading, which permit shippers to take advantage of incentive rates that save them money in moving many commodities.

Car supply governs to some extent the amount of traffic our Road can obtain and handle. Consequently it influences the level of employment.

To make certain that it can meet the freight car demands of Nickel Plate's regular shippers and also attract additional business, our Road currently is

carrying on one of the largest car repair programs in its history.

At Brewster heavy repairs are being made to two thousand 70-ton hopper cars. The cars are stripped to under frames and body bolsters. In cases where they need straightening, even the corner and end posts are being removed. The car repair line is being operated on a two shift basis. This type of car normally is in heavy demand to move coal and other bulk commodities.

To keep ahead of demands for trailer-on-flat-car service, our Road is continuing the program begun last year at Conneaut

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