Road's Largest Car Program
Road's Largest Car Program

Last winter sizeable export shipments of coke moved on the Nickel Plate from the Middle West en route to the East Coast. Other railroads could have handled this traffic. Why did the Nickel Plate get this business? Because our Road had a supply of 70-ton hopper cars available to do the job.

During the grain season many country elevators look to the Nickel Plate to supply serviceable grain cars.

Mines and plants favor our Road with traffic because the NKP supplies sufficient cars to meet production and shipping schedules.

Some shippers move their products on the Nickel Plate instead of by trucks because our Road can provide special types of freight cars.

After the steel strike last year, the Nickel Plate enjoyed a heavy volume of steel traffic because our Road had an adequate supply of gondola cars.

Piggy-back traffic is increasing from month to month because our Road is able to provide trailers for loading and flat cars on which to move the shipments.

Many shipments are routed over our Road because the Nickel Plate has suitable

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