Buffalo Continued

railroads and two industrial railroads which serve the area. These connections afford ties with local industries and fast service between the west and cities in eastern United States and Canada.

Nickel Plate passenger trains use the Lackawanna station and connect with D. L. & W. trains to provide through service to and from the New York area.

Our Road's traffic solicitation through much of New York state and part of Canada is directed from Buffalo.

An important Nickel Plate facility at Buffalo is the Niagara Frontier Food Terminal, built jointly with the Erie Railroad and opened in 1931.

Signposts It covers an area of 70 acres with a network of railway spurs and with buildings with ample loading platforms for wholesale grocers and produce dealers.

The Road has two principal yards at Buffalo: Abbott Road Yard, which is used to build westbound trains, has a capacity for 510 cars; and Tifft Yard, used to break up eastbound trains, can accommodate 620 cars. The Road also has a 14-stall engine house and car repair yard where light repairs can be made on about 90 cars.

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