Bellevue - Hub of the Nickel Plate

at Bellevue. He later was in road service until 1920 and then started work in the yard.

The engine terminal there, handling both steam and diesels, is one of the busiest on the system. To assist in expediting the trains, modern facilities to repair "bad order" cars were built there in 1953. The Road's principal icing station is there. Also there are car cleaning and stock handling facilities.

The Road's general superintendent and

his staff have headquarters there. Also, the maintenance of way equipment and the signal shops for the entire system are located at Bellevue. The storehouse is the principal one for M. of W. and signal materials. A reclamation plant for journal box packing was established there in 1954.

Bellevue - a community of about 7,000 - is indeed a "Nickel Plate town." Nearly one out of every two families there is supported by the Nickel Plate.

Bellevue - Hub of the Nickel Plate

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