Bellevue - Hub of the Nickel Plate

Bellevue - Hub of the Nickel Plate

BELLEVUE always has been the hub of the Nickel Plate.

Seventy-five years ago next September a hand-forged, nickel-plated spike was driven in the center of the turntable there to mark completion of the Nickel Plate. Historians reported that the ceremony was "equalled only by the driving of the golden spike to join the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads in 1869, at Ogden, Utah, completing the first transcontinental railway."

Bellevue was the mid-point of the new railroad between Buffalo and Chicago. It was a division point, the site of the Road's largest roundhouse and also of the shops for the railroad.

Today, three quarters of a century later, Bellevue is even more important. Trains from four divisions -the Cleveland and Fort Wayne Divisions of the Nickel Plate District, the Sandusky Division of the L. E. & W. District and the Toledo Division of the W. & L. E. District -use its expanded facilities.

The principal classification yards of the system are at Bellevue. Eastbound

high speed freights from the Chicago gateway are consolidated there with those from the St. Louis, Peoria and Toledo gateways. Then they are dispatched over the Nickel Plate District to Cleveland, Buffalo and points beyond or over the W. & L. E. District through

Bellevue - Hub of the Nickel Plate

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