Piggybacking Through 23 States

has important piggy-back terminals to serve Chicago, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo and St. Louis. In addition, the Road has augmented its fleet of trailer equipment to include open-top and insulated van trailers, and van trailers with side doors as well as rear doors, and flat bed trailers.


The Nickel Plate also has interchange agreements with 14 other railroads that permits our Road to participate in piggyback movements through 23 states, between such eastern points as Boston, New York Philadelphia and Baltimore and areas as far west as Minneapolis-St. Paul and Denver and southwest into Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana.

To date, 37 different commodities have moved piggy-back, including such varied items as canned fruit and vegetables, sugar, coffee, chemicals, medicines, paint, roofing materials, floor coverings, cigarettes, soaps and detergents, toys, electrical equipment, candy, cotton products, paper products, magazines, animal foods and iron and steel products.

Continually the Road has been studying the needs of shippers and receivers to learn where additional routes are wanted, the types of equipment required and the schedules desired.

Piggy-back service has placed our Road in a position to win back from the trucks some of the freight that years ago moved by rail.

July 12, 1954, was a memorable date in Nickel Plate history.

That afternoon a sleek, new blue-and-white NKP trailer backed up to the loading ramp of an east side Cleveland industry to accept the Road's first piggy-back shipment. Early the following morning the load was delivered safely to a warehouse on the west side of Chicago.

Initially the Road owned only closed, van-type trailers and operated the service only between Chicago, Cleveland and New York.

Shippers have gradually realized the convenience of this new all-weather, high-speed railroad service that affords door-to-door delivery at rates and with minimum weights similar to those of common-carrier motor carriers. Also, they have been pleased with the careful handling their shipments have received. As a result, nearly every month Nickel Plate's volume of piggy-back shipments has increased.

Today - 20 months later - the Road has expanded its piggy - back routes greatly and

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