car NKP 77598. Later two additional cars, NKP 77550 and 77596, were equipped with some minor improvements. Shippers and receivers who have used the cars have been enthusiastic. The Road presently is equipping 25 more cars, which are 52 feet, 6 inches long.

Last summer when the Nickel Plate initiated "piggy-back" service, the Road was one of two railroads in the East to buy 32-foot trailers. The units carry larger shipments and also give shippers greater space in which to make minimum weights.

The Road recently has ordered 10 additional trailers. Some will have open tops to permit loading and unloading by cranes; others will have side doors, as well as rear doors, to reduce time and expense in loading and unloading in narrow alleys; and others will be insulated, to handle commodities that require protection against extreme temperatures in winter and summer.

Pioneering ... 1955 Style
Pioneering ... 1955 Style

Last year the Road also built at its Frankfort shops a 500,000-pound-capacity flat car-twice the capacity of the largest car previously in the NKP fleet. The heavy-duty car enables manufacturers of heavy machinery to complete, or more nearly complete, assembly of equipment before shipment. To the shipper this car means savings in time and expense.

The Road also placed in service a heavy-duty flat car of 270,000-pound load carrying capacity and a heavy-duty depressed center car of 250,000-pound ca-

pacity. These cars are designed for moving high commodities, such as transformers, to reduce the center of gravity and to permit clearance under railway and highway bridges.

In another pioneering effort, the Road recently became one of the first railroads in the East to lease insulated box cars with installed D.F. (Damage Free) equipment. The Nickel Plate is obtaining 25 of these cars to use primarily to transport tin plate to the western states and to move canned food products back East.

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