Passenger Service

In addition to providing the "High Speed Service" for shippers, Nickel Plate gives swift, dependable, comfortable passenger service (above) to travelers of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois.

Eastern terminus of Nickel Plate's far-flung system is Buffalo, N. Y. (right), second largest city in the Empire State and world's largest flour milling and grain processing center. The "City of Good Neighbors" also is important as the center of world-famous Niagara Region. It is hub of a great manufacturing area; a gateway in international trade; and a big railroad city.

into one of the nation's greatest states, contains Nickel Plate's three western gateways - Chicago, Peoria and East St. Louis. The state belongs historically to no group, to no period, and to neither the east, the west, the north or the south, but peculiarly to them all, a geographically varied state with heterogeneous populations. Every major current or force from within and without the country has been felt or had its repercussions here.

Industry and agriculture are suspended in even balance. Illinois embraces less than two per cent of the land area of the United States in its 56,400 square miles; has 6.1 per cent of the nation's population, numbering 7,897,000; 6.9 per cent of its wealth; 5.4 per cent of its improved farm land; and although it ranks fourth in total cash farm income and fifth in its percentage of farmers, it has three times as


many industrial as agricultural workers. If 100 Illinoisans were picked at random, 44 of them would be residents of Chicago.

The state is truly the "Hub of the Continent." Lying between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi, water from 23 oT -the 48 states crosses its surface and flows along its boundaries, eastward through Lake Michigan to the Atlantic Ocean and southward to the Mississippi and to the Gulf. In total railroad mileage the state is second only to Texas.

Blessed by nature, developed by man, this territory is testimony to the infinite opportunities of America for development and further expansion by people of courage and determination. It offers the most versatile possible set for the efficiency and dependable service offered by a combination of men and material - Nickel Plate Road.

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