lake shipping facilities, as well as unlimited electric power, gas, water and mineral resources.

The richness of Ohio dolomites, with their high magnesium content, the rock salts and brines, the molding sands and silica deposits, the oil and gas, as well as coal deposits, the gypsum, sandstone, lime and clays indicate why Ohio's mineral resource; have an annual value greater than all the gold, silver and precious stones mined in the United States.

In Cleveland there is another food terminal, the Northern Ohio, owned and operated by the Nickel Plate exclusively, and representing a $7,000,000 investment. Its annual gross business is about $90,000,000.

The Nickel Plate has more mileage in Indiana - 767 - than in any other of the five states it serves. This state, lying almost midway

From high in Cleveland's famed Terminal Tower (background), NKP's general offices look out on a vast panorama of American industrial and commercial life in action. The railroad's tracks enter the city from the East and stretch off to the West. Cleveland is a leading Great Lakes port and manufacturing city.

across the United States, ranks twelfth in population, ninth in agriculture and ninth in value of manufactured products, yet is only thirty-seventh in size. Nature blessed Indiana in two ways - first, with rich soil and under the soil gravel, limestone, gypsum, clay, foundry sand, and bituminous coal; secondly, with many beautiful lakes and virgin woods, which the thrifty Hoosiers did not destroy but enhanced to make their state "The playground of the Middle West."

Illinois, the Prairie State, fashioned in less than a century and a half from wilderness into one of the nation's greatest states, contains Nickel Plate's three western gateways -

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