Through Five

In crisscrossing New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, Nickel Plate Road serves one of the most heavily populated, highly industrialized, and richly productive areas in all of the United States.

THE NICKEL PLATE SYSTEM has 1,687 miles of track divided among five great states of our nation - New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois - states rich agriculturally, diversified industrially, blessed by varied natural resources, and strong because of the character and stability of their citizenry.

The Nickel Plate serves the states which, combined, form the industrial Ruhr of America, as well as the heart of its breadbasket. The crops and industries of this region are so diversified as to be almost limitless in possibilities. During 1947 Nickel Plate Road's Industrial Development Department reported 51 new permanent industries located along the line, as well as 27 temporary industries and major plant expansions amounting to over $8,000,000.

One of the most important agricultural enterprises in Nickel Plate's territory in western Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois is the planting, cultivating, harvesting, transporting, and processing of soy beans. Hundreds of soy bean elevators line NKP tracks throughout these states as testimony to a big business. Progressive farmers like the one pictured here (right, above) cultivate their far-reaching fields with modern tractor-driven equipment. Nickel Plate Road's Industrial Development Department has been instrumental in promoting soy bean raising and processing by exhibiting types of beans, their oils and by-products, and by publishing an authoritative soy bean production map annually. (Photo by Ewing Galloway.)

The ever-expanding industries of the "Five Great States" are constantly building, tearing down, and rebuilding in an effort to find adequate space in which to turn out the many diversified products of their men and machines. This new plant (right) is on the Nickel Plate at Stony Island (Chicago), Ill.

Five Great States

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