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Sleek new diesel-electric locomotives, modern and efficient to the minutest detail, will soon power all through, main-line Nickel Plate Road passenger trains between Buffalo and Chicago, Cleveland and St. Louis. Ordered some time ago as a part of the railroad's passenger service and equipment modernization program, six of the eleven new 2,000-horse power units were received in January and five were scheduled for delivery in March. Built by the American Locomotive Company at its Schenectady, N. Y., plant, the fast-movIng giants of the rails have electrical equipment built and installed by the General Electric Company.

Put in service as they were delivered first on the Buffalo-Cleveland Division and then on Buffalo-Chicago runs, the new locomotives already have caused much favorable comment and won many new admirers and friends for Nickel Plate. The Fort Wayne Ind., reception was typical of those given the new motive power in many, another NKP town in New York, Pennsylvania Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

"The new passenger diesels are the talk of the town," reports Ticket Agent Clarence L. Neal. "When the first one stopped here on Train No. 7, a large enthusiastic crowd gathered on the station platform to see this latest development in passenger train power. Everyone seemed impressed and several people came to the ticket window and told me that they already were pleased with Nickel Plate passenger service but that these new locomotives would improve it further."

Each ALCO-GE locomotive unit, complete in itself, is equipped with a 2,000-horsepower, 16-cylinder, V-type, supercharged engine with a rated speed of 1,000 revolutions per minute and capable of attaining a maximum road speed of 117 miles per hour. Units stand 14 feet, 11 inches high; are 10 feet, 6½ inches wide; and 65 feet, 8 inches in length from inside of front to inside of rear knuckle. Fuel oil capacity of 1,200 gallons enables them to make extended trips without refueling and to date the only fueling stations established by Nickel Plate for these engines are at Stony Island (Chicago), Buffalo,

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