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Wheeling & Lake Erie District

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Page # Contents/Location
Page 1 Mileage
Page 2 Rail, Ballast, Curvature, Grades, Bridges, Centralized Traffic Control
Page 3 Automatic Block Signals | TOLEDO DIVISION: MP 0.24 - MP 3.18; Miles
Page 4 TOLEDO DIVISION (con't.): MP 3.55; Double Track, Automatic Signals, Centralized Traffic Control, Rail, Ballast, Curves, Grades
Page 5 TOLEDO DIVISION (con't.): Tonnage | OHIO: Toledo
Page 6 Toledo (con't.)
Page 7 Toledo (con't.); Homestead Yard Limit Board; Booth; Curtice; Williston; Trowbridge; Limestone
Page 8 Oak Harbor; Kingsway; Porter; Fremont
Page 9 Green Creek; Clyde; Bellevue; Yeomans
Page 10 Monroeville; Norwalk Yard; Norwalk
Page 11 Huron Jct.; Blue Fly; Hartland; Clarksfield; Miner; Brighton; Huff; Lake Jct.
Page 12 Lake Jct. (con't.); Wellington; Spencer; Pawnee;Lodi
Page 13 Lodi (con't.); Burbank; Creston; Douglas; Smithville; Pryor; Orrville Jct.; Orville
Page 14 Orville (con't.); McDowell; Kidron; Snively; Stark; Brewster
Page 15 Brewster (con't.)
Page 16 Brewster (con't.); Harmon; Lonas; Rocket
Page 17 Bolivar; Zoar; Valley Jct.; Somerdale
Page 18 New Cumberland; Sherrodsville; Leesville
Page 19 Bowerston; Connotton; Scio; Jewett; Pittsburgh Jct.
Page 20 Pittsburgh Jct. (con't.); Rexford; East Cadiz; Nelms; Unionvale; Kenwood; Hurford
Page 21 Adena; Herrick Yard
Page 22 Dun Glen; Dillonvale; Pine Valley
Page 23 Pine Valley (con't.); Connor
Page 24 Warrenton; Tiltonville; Yorkville; Terminal Jct. (Martins Ferry)
Page 25 Wheeling, WV | HURON BRANCH: Miles, Rail
Page 26 HURON BRANCH (con't.): Ballast, Curves, Grade, Tonnage, Automatic Signals | OHIO (con't.): Huron Jct.; Mittingers; Milan
Page 27 Fries; Huron
Page 28 Huron (con't.)
Page 29 Huron (con't.) | MASSILLON BRANCH: Sidings, Rail, Ballast, Curves, Grade, Tonnage | OHIO (con't.): Orrville Jct.; Orrville; Burton City
Page 30 Dalton; East Greenville; Sippo; Massillon
Page 31 Massillon (con't.); Warmington
Page 32 Run Jct. | ADENA BRANCH: Sidings, Rail, Ballast, Curves, Grade, Tonnage | OHIO (con't.): Adena
Page 33 Halls; Horton; Seebirts; Wheeling Valley; Maynard
Page 34 St. Clairsville; Tellesburg; Johnson's Crossing
Page 35 Echo; Neffs
Page 36 Georgetown
Page 37 MP 5.2 - MP 11.0
Page 38 STEUBENVILLE BRANCH: Siding, Rail, Ballast
Page 39 STEUBENVILLE BRANCH (con't): Curves, Grade, Tonnage | OHIO (con't.): Warrenton; Stringer; Brilliant
Page 40 Mingo Yard; Mingo Jct.; LaBelle; Steubenville
Page 41 Steubenville (con't.) | CLEVELAND DIVISION: MIles, Sidings
Page 42 CLEVELAND DIVISION (con't.): Double Track, Centralized Traffic Control, Automatic Block Signals, Rail, Ballast
Page 43 CLEVELAND DIVISION (con't.): Curves, Grade, Tonnage, Population, Facilities
Page 44 CLEVELAND DIVISION (con't.): Miscellaneous
Page 45 CLEVELAND DIVISION (con't.): Miscellaneous
Page 46 CLEVELAND DIVISION (con't.): Miscellaneous | OHIO (con't.): MP 0.59 - MP 2.98
Page 47 E. 93rd St.; Oakland; Glendale; Bedford; Falls Jct.; Twinsburg
Page 48 Moran; Streetsboro; Earlville; Kent; Brimfield, Portage
Page 49 Mogadore; Suffield; Mishler; Congress Lake; Hartville; Geibe; Middlebranch
Page 50 Canton
Page 51 Canton (con't.); Gambrinus
Page 52 Richville; Kemery; Navarre; Run Jct.; Harmon; Justus
Page 53 Beach City; Dundee; Barrs Mills; Sugar Creek; Baltic
Page 54 Chili; Fresno; Morgan Run
Page 55 East Coshocton; Coshocton; South Coshocton; Warwick; Conesville; Adams Mills
Page 56 Dresden; Stony Point; Ellis; Maddens; Zanesville
Page 57 Zanesville (con't.)
Page 58 CHAGRIN FALLS BRANCH: Miles, Sidings, Curves, Grade, Tonnage, Ballast | OHIO (con't.): Falls Jct.; Solon; Chagrin Falls
Page 59 CARROLLTON BRANCH: Miles, Sidings, Curves, Grade, Tonnage, Rail, Ballast | OHIO (con't.): Canton Yard
Page 60 East Canton; Robertsville; Minerva Jct.; Oneida; Hibbets
Page 61 Stemples; Carrollton | MINERVA BRANCH: | OHIO (con't.): Minerva | THE LORAIN & WEST VIRGINA RAILWAY COMPANY: Miscellaneous
Page 62 THE LORAIN & WEST VIRGINA RAILWAY COMPANY (con't.): Miles, Curves, Grade, Rail, Ballast | OHIO (con't.): Lake Jct.; West Oberlin; Quarry Jct.; Troxel
Page 63 Ferguson; South Lorain

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