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Page # Contents/Location
Page A Nickel Plate Sysytem Equipment: Steam Locomotives, Diesel Locomotives, Passenger Train Cars, Freight Cars
Page A-1 Not Included in Train Cars, Misc. Equipment, On Order
Page B Nickel Plate System Mileage and Siding Data
Page B-1 Wheeling & Lake Erie Mileage and Siding Data
Page B-2 Summary of Mileage Operated
Page C Rail in Main Tracks, Ballast, Ties, etc.
Page D Centralized Traffic Control, Automatic Signals, etc.
Page E Rail Laid & Removed, Ballast, Ties, etc.
Page 1 BUFFALO DIVISION (Buffalo to Conneaut): Miles, Sidings, Automatic Signals, Centralized Traffic Control, Rail, etc.
Page 2 BUFFALO DIVISION (Buffalo to Conneaut) (con't.): Ballast, Curves, Grades, Tonnage, Bridges, etc. | NEW YORK: Buffalo
Page 3 Buffalo (con't.); Buffalo Creek; FY Tower; Blasdell; Hamburg; Lakeview; Angola; Farnham; Irving
Page 4 Silver Creek; Silver Creek to Plate; Plate; Plate to Brocton; Dunkirk; Brocton; Pomfret
Page 5 Westfield; Ripley; State Line (NY & PA) | PENNSYLVANIA: North East; Moorheads; Harbor Creek; Dean; Erie
Page 6 Cascade; Bessemer & Lake Erie RR; Swanville; Fairview; Wallace Junction; Girard; Elk Creek; Thornton Junction; | OHIO: Conneaut
Page 7 Conneaut (con't.) | CLEVELAND DIVISION (Conneaut to Bellevue): Miles, Sidings, etc.
Page 8 CLEVELAND DIVISION (con't.):Centralized Traffic Control, Rail, Ballast, Curves, Grades, Tonnage, etc.| OHIO (con't): KG Tower; Ashtabula
Page 9 Ashtabula Creek; Ryan; Geneva; Madison; Perry; Painesville
Page 10 Painesville (con't.); Mentor; Willoughby; Wickliffe; Wickliffe to Euclid; Euclid to Kishmans; Euclid; Ivanhoe Road; East Cleveland
Page 11 East Cleveland (con't.); Cleveland
Page 12 Cleveland (con't.); Cleveland Union Terminal
Page 13 Cleveland Union Terminal (con't.); Rocky River; Dover Bay; Bay Village; Avon; Two Miles West of Avon; Sheffield
Page 14 Sheffield (con't.); Lorain; Kishmans; Vermilion; Florence
Page 15 Berlin Heights; Shinrock; Huron River; Avery; Kimball; Bellevue
Page 16 Bellevue (con't.) | FORT WAYNE DIVISION (Bellevue to Fort Wayne): Miles, Sidings, Double Track, Automatic Signals, Centralized Traffic Control, etc.
Page 17 FORT WAYNE DIVISION (con't.): Rail, Ballast, Curves, Grades, Tonnage, etc. | OHIO (con't): Just West of Fostoria to DA; Townwood to Leipsic Junction; Colby; Green Springs; Old Fort
Page 18 Narlo; Maple Grove; Fostoria
Page 19 Just East of FS Tower; FS Tower; FS Tower to DA; Just East of DA; Arcadia (DA); North Findlay; McComb; Shawtown; Yellow Creek Runnng Track; Yellow Creek; Leipsic Junction
Page 20 Leipsic Junction (con't.); Leipsic; Millers City; Kiefersville; Continental; Oakwood; Melrose; Goodwin; 1 Mile East of Broughton; Broughton; Latty
Page 21 Briceton; Worstville; Payne; | INDIANA : Edgerton; Dawkins; Casad; New Haven; East Wayne
Page 22 East Wayne; Fort Wayne
Page 23 Fort Wayne (con't.) | CHICAGO DIVISION (Fort Wayne to Chicago): Miles, Sidings, Automatic Signals, Automatic Train Controls, Centralized Traffic Control, etc.
Page 24 CHICAGO DIVISION (con't.): Rail, Ballast, Curves, Tonnage, etc. | INDIANA (con't): Hadley; Dunfee; Raber; Peabody; Arnolds; South Whitley
Page 25 South Whitley (con't.); Sidney; Packertown; Claypool; Burket; Mentone; Clemer; Tippecanoe; Argos; Rutland
Page 26 Hibbard; Burr Oak; Ober; Knox; Brems; Thomaston; South Wanatah; Nickel; Valparaiso
Page 27 Spriggsboro; Wheeler; Hobart; South Gary; Van Loon; Hessville; Osborn
Page 28 Osborn (con't.); Hammond; Erie Junction; State Line; | ILLINOIS: Burnham Yard; Burnham; Torrence Avenue; Cummings Drawbridge
Page 29 East 110th Street; Calumet Yard
Page 30 Calumet Yard (con't.)
Page 31 Just East of Stony Island; Stony Island; Seventy-First Street; Englewood; Chicago
Page 32 Chicago (con't.)

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