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Lake Erie & Western District

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Page # Contents/Location
Page 1 Mileage, Rail, Sidings, etc.
Page 2 Mileage, Sidings, Ties, Ballast, Signals, Controls, etc. SANDUSKY TO FS TOWER, FOSTORIA: Mileage, etc.
Page 3 SANDUSKY TO FS TOWER, FOSTORIA (con't.): Rail, Ballast, Curves, grades, etc. | OHIO: Sandusky
Page 4 Sandusky (con't.); Castalia; Whitmore; Vickery; Erlin; Fremont; Havens; Burgoon; Kansas; Amsden; Fostoria
Page 5 Fostoria (con't.); FS Tower; FS Tower to DA; DA; ARCADIA TO SOUTH LIMA: Mileage, etc.
Page 6 ARCADIA TO SOUTH LIMA (con't.): Track, Rails, Signals, Ballast, Curves, Grades, Tonnage, etc. | OHIO: Arcadia; Weidlers; Findlay
Page 7 Findlay (con't.); Evans; Rawson; Mt. Cory; AU Tower; Bluffton; Beaver Dam; Morris; Lima
Page 8 Lima (con't.); South Lima
Page 9 South Lima (con't.); Hume; Buckland; St. Marys
Page 10 MINSTER BRANCH (St. Marys to New Bremen to Minster); Rose; Celina; Coldwater; Oakland; Oakland to Ft. Recovery; Ft. Recovery; INDIANA: Hales; Brice; Portland; Two Miles West of Portland; Blaine
Page 11 Redkey; Niles; Albany; Ayers; DeSoto; Liberty; Muncie
Page 12 Muncie (con't.); Vernon; Cammack; Gilman; Alexandra; Orestes; Dundee; Wallace
Page 13 Elwood; Hobbs; Tipton; Goldsmith; Kempton; Scircleville; Hillisburg; Boyleston; Frankfort
Page 14 Frankfort (con't.)
Page 15 PEORIA DIVISION: Track, Signals, Rail, Ballast, Curves, Grades, Tonnage, etc. | INDIANA: Deniston
Page 16 Mulberry; Altamont; LaFayette
Page 17 Summit; Balls; Montmorenci; Otterbein; Templeton; Oxford; Fargo; Chase; Boswell; Talbot; Handy; Ambia | ILLINOIS: Cheneyville
Page 18 Hoopeston; East Lynn; Hustle; Rankin; Clarence; Paxton; Perdueville; Elliott; Gibson City
Page 19 Gibson City (con't.); Central; Derby; Saybrook; Arrowsmith; Ellesworth; Padua; Holder; Brokaw; Dean; Bloomington
Page 20 Bloomington (con't.); Yuton; Carlock; Congerville; Goodfield; Deer Creek; Crandall; Farmdale Jct.
Page 21 Farmdale; East Peoria; Peoria
Page 22 Peoria (con't.) | INDIANAPOLIS DIVISION: Sidings, Rails, Ballast, Curves, Tonnage, etc.
Page 23 INDIANA: Indianapolis; Fall Creek; Malott Park
Page 24 Castleton; Fishers; Noblesvile; Cicero; Arcadia; Atlanta; Tipton; Jackson; Sharpsville; Fairfield; Marshall; Kokomo
Page 25 Kokomo (con't.); Kirby; Cassville; Bennetts; Miami; Bunker Hill; Peru
Page 26 Peru (con't.); Denver; Deeds; Macy; Rochester; Tiosa; Argos
Page 27 Plymouth; Tyner; Walkerton; Kingsbury; Stillwell
Page 28 Stillwell (con't.); LaPorte; Belfast; Two Miles South of Michigan City; Michigan City
Page 29 NEW CASTLE DIVISION: Mileage, tracks, Signals, Rail, Ballast, Curves, Grades, Tonnage, etc.
Page 30 NEW CASTLE DIVISION: (con't) | INDIANA: East Wayne; Fort Wayne; West Wayne
Page 31 West Wayne (con't.); Waynedale; Ferguson; Yoder; Ossian; Kingsland; North of Bluffton; Bluffton; Poneto; Keystone; Montpelier; Hartford City
Page 32 Eaton; Shidelers; Royertown; Muncie;
Page 33 Cowan; Oakville; Springport; Mt. Summit; Rhein; Foley; New Castle; New Lisbon; Cambridge City; Milton; Beesons; Connersville
Page 34 RUSHVILLE BRANCH (New Castle to Rushville): Spiceland; Dunreith; Mays; Sexton; Rushville

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