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Page 1 BUFFALO DIVISION; Buffalo to Conneaut
Page 2 Buffalo to Conneaut (con't); NEW YORK: Buffalo, NY
Page 3 Buffalo (con't); Buffalo Creek
Page 4 Blasdell, Hamburg, Lakeview, Angola, Irving, Silver Creek, Silver Creek to Plate, Plate, Dunkirk, MP 44.3, Brocton
Page 5 Brocton (con't), Pomfret, Westfield, Ripley, State Line (NY & PA); PENNSYLVANIA: North East, Mooreheads, Harbor Creek
Page 6 Dean, Erie, B&LE RR, Stanville, Fairview, Wallace Junction, Girard
Page 7 Elk Creek, Thornton Junction, OHIO: Conneaut
Page 8 CLEVELAND DIVISION; Conneaut to Bellevue:
Page 9 Conneaut to Bellevue (con't): KG Tower, Ashtabula, Ryan, Geneva, Madison
Page 10 Perry, Painesville, Hopkins, Mentor, Willoughby, Wickliffe, Wickliffe to Euclid, Euclid to Kishmans, Euclid, Ivanhoe Rd.
Page 11 East Cleveland, Cleveland,
Page 12 Cleveland (con't)
Page 13 Cleveland (con't), Rocky River, Dover Bay, Bay Village, Avon, Two Miles West of Avon, Sheffield, Lorain
Page 14 Kishmans, Vermilion, Florence, Berlin Heights, Shinrock, Huron River, Avery, Kimball, Bellevue
Page 15 Bellevue (con't)
Page 16 FORT WAYNE DIVISION; Bellevue to Fort Wayne: Townwood to Leipsic Junction, Colby
Page 17 Green Springs, Old Fort, Narlo, Maple Grove, Fostoria
Page 18 Fostoria (con't), FS Tower, FS Tower to DA Tower, Arcadia (DA Tower), Mortimer, McComb, Shawtown, Yellow Creek Running Track
Page 19 Yellow Creek, Leipsic Junction, Leipsic, Millers City, Kiefersville, Continental, Hartzburg, Oakwood, Melrose, Goodwin
Page 20 1 Mile East of Broughton, Broughton, Latty, Briceton, Worstville, Payne, INDIANA: Edgerton, Dawkins, Casad, New Haven, East Wayne
Page 21 Fort Wayne, West Wayne
Page 22 CHICAGO DIVISION; Fort Wayne to Chicago: MP 375.3
Page 23 Hadley, Dunfee, Raber, Peabody, Arnolds, MP 395.7, South Whitley (SY Tower), Sidney, Packertown, Claypool, Burket, Mentone, Clemer, Tippecanoe
Page 24 Argos, Rutland, Hibbard, Burr Oak, Ober, Knox, Brems, MP 458.2, Thomaston, South Wanatah
Page 25 Nickel, Valparaiso, Spriggsboro, Wheeler, Hobart, South Gary, MP 496.7, Van Loon, Hessville, Osborn
Page 26 Osborn (con't), Hammond, Erie Junction, State Line, ILLINOIS: Burnham Yard, Burnham, Torrence Avenue, Cummings Drawbridge, East 110th Street
Page 27 Calumet Yard
Page 28 Calumet Yard (con't), Just East of Stony Island, Stony Island
Page 29 Stony Island (con't), Seventy-First Street, Englewood, Chicago
Page 30 Chicago (con't)

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