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Clover Leaf District

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Page # Contents/Location
Page a Track/Rail Statistics
Page 1 Ballast, Grades, Curves, Ties, Bridges
Page 2 Sidings, TOLEDO DIVISION; OHIO: Toledo
Page 3 Toledo (con't), MC Junction, Walbridge Jct., Gould, Wanick Jct., Maumee, Waterville, Bailey, M.P. 24
Page 4 Grand Rapids, McClure, Grelton, Malinta, Elery, Holgate, New Bavaria, Pleasant Bend, North Creek, Continental, Dupont, M.P. 59, Cloverdale, Muntanna
Page 5 Douglas, Ft. Jennings, M.P. 70, Delphos & Delphos Yard, M.P. 74.14, Nowlan, Landeck, Venedocia, Jonestown
Page 6 Ohio City, Schumm, Willshire, INDIANA: Pleasant Hills, M.P. 104, M.P. 107.33, Decatur, Peterson, Craigville, M.P. 121.2, M.P. 121.4
Page 7 M.P. 121.675, Bluffton, M.P. 128.5, Liberty Centre, Buckeye, Warren, Van Buren, Landess, Davis, Marion
Page 8 Marion (con't.), Kiley, Roseburgh, Herbst, Swayzee, Sims, Sycamore, Greentown, Vermont, Kokomo
Page 9 Kokomo (con't.), Shambaugh, M.P. 183, M.P. 186.2, Middletons, Russiaville, Forest, Michigantown, Frankfort
Page 10 Frankfort (con't.), Frankfort Yard
Page 11 Frankfort Yard (con't.)
Page 12 ST. LOUS DIVISION; Frankfort to Charleston: Rail, Ballast, Curves
Page 13 Jefferson, Clarks Hill, Kirkpatrick, Linden, New Richmond, Wingate, Mellott, Graham, Veedersburg
Page 14 Veedersburg (con't.), Mackie, Cates, Coal Creek, Wabash River Bridge, Cayuga, M.P. 270.4, ILLINOIS: Humrick
Page 15 Ridge Farm, Mabel, Mortimer, Metcalf, Melwood, Brocton, Kings, Oakland, M.P. 308, Rardin, Bushtin, Fair Grange
Page 16 Charleston Yard, Charleston, Charleston to Madison: Rail, Ballast
Page 17 Charleston to Madison: Curves, Grade, Ross, Lerna, Trilla, Neoga, M.P. 341.6, Trwobridge, M.P. 343.7, Kingman
Page 18 Stewardson, Mode, Milne, M.P. 362, Cowden, M.P. 366.2, M.P. 366.9, M.P. 369.2, Herrick, M.P. 371.3, M.P.372.33
Page 19 M.P. 372.7, Dressor, M.P. 376.1, M.P. 376.8, Ramsey, M.P. 380, Bayle, M.P. 384.6, Fillmore, New Harvey, M.P. 392.9, Coffeen, Donnellson, M.P.403.25
Page 20 M.P. 404.34, Sorento, Gilman, New Douglas, Alhambra, M.P. 424.9, Fruit, Edwardsville
Page 21 Glen Carbon, M.P. 440, Stallings, A. & S. Junction, Madison, East St. Louis
Page 22 East St. Louis (con't.)
Page 23 East St. Louis, MO

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